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When organising an event in Singapore, there are some potential and logistic issues that you must consider. Transportation is among the most important factors to be considered, whether it’s a corporate conference, family gathering, or sightseeing with friends. Introducing the 13 seater Maxi Cab which is convenient and practical for your transportation needs. In this blog, we’ll look at several advantages and benefits associated with hiring a 13-seater Maxi Cab for your next event in Singapore.

Advantages of Hiring a 13 Seater Maxi Cab in Singapore

Maxi Cabs Singapore is a great choice due to its versatility and suitability. But that’s not all they’re good for, here are some other advantages of using a Maxi Cab for your next event in Singapore:

Spacious accommodation

One major benefit of selecting a Maxi Cab for 13 passengers is that it has enough room. Compared to cramped taxi cabs or overcrowded public transportation, these vehicles can offer comfortable spacious seating arrangements for everyone on board. The wide interiors of Maxi Cabs guarantee an enjoyable journey with no anxiety. It’s perfect for every occasion; be it a corporate seminar or celebrating special moments with friends and family, the Maxi Cab is perfect for you. 


When planning events, we always tend to count costs. Hence, hiring the 13 seater maxi cab services is very cost-effective, especially when travelling as a group. Dividing the fare among passengers will result in a much lower cost per person compared to other modes of transportation. Without sacrificing comfort or convenience, maxi cabs can suitably become an affordable option for all commuters. 

Convenience and flexibility

Navigating through busy streets in Singapore is challenging. And it gets worse when commuting with groups of people during rush hour. For that reason, picking a 13 seater Maxi Cab is unrivalled in terms of convenience and adaptability. You will get customised pick-up points and drop-off locations that can cover your needs. Not to mention the streamlined travel arrangements making your journey smooth and stress-free.

Professionalism at its best

The professionalism on display makes the 13 seater Maxi Cab stand out from other maxi cab providers in Singapore. From experienced drivers to well-maintained cars, you can expect nothing but excellent service delivery throughout your time riding in a 13-seater Maxi Cab. The Maxi Cab’s 13 seater combines punctuality with safety. This is good news for all because you won’t have to worry about getting home safely after having enjoyed a night out with friends.

Customisable Options

There are various benefits associated with hiring a 13-seater Maxi Cab. Whether you need special amenities or have specific route preferences, the operators of Maxi Cabs can customise the experience to cater to your unique event needs. This means that your transportation requirements are dealt with efficiently, leaving you to concentrate on other things.

Eco-friendly travel

Opting for group transportation in an era where environmental sustainability is a major issue. However, Maxi Cabs are a more sustainable option. Sharing a ride on a maxi cab 13 seater will lower the carbon footprint associated with single modes of transport. You can now enjoy travelling with your friend group while actively contributing to sustainability. That’s a win-win.

Better Social Experience

Finally, we can’t discuss the 13 seater taxi Singapore service without talking about the social experience. The camaraderie established during group travel, whether it’s sharing tales on the way to an occasion or remembering highlights of a day back home adds an extra touch to the overall experience. By getting connected with others during such trips, travellers can make memories that last a lifetime.

We’ve talked about the advantages but won’t you like to know what it looks like on the inside? Is it more of a luxurious taxi or a poor man’s limousine? Let’s explore the interior of the Maxi Cab to find out…

Exploring the Spacious Interior of Maxi Cab Vehicle

In Singapore, when you enter a 13 seater Maxi Cab, you will be amazed by how much space is in it. A Maxi Cab, unlike congested taxicab or overcrowded public transport, offers more than enough room for its passengers to unwind and relax as they travel. With comfortable seating arrangements and plenty of legroom, large groups can travel comfortably without feeling squeezed or cramped. It doesn’t matter if it’s a corporate function you’re attending or simply sightseeing with your buddies, the space inside of a Maxi Cab means that no one misses out on luxury.

The interior of a Maxi Cab goes beyond mere functionality and adds some elegance to the journey. Going to a company event? Team building retreat perhaps, or maybe a family outing? Riding in a maxi cab takes your commute experience from ordinary to extraordinary. This sets up an atmosphere of luxury and sophistication with its plush seating, ample legroom, and refined ambience that ushers into an unforgettable ride.

Whether it’s a 7 seater or 13 seater, the spaciousness of a maxi cab allows travellers to pack whatever belongings they require for their journey. Travellers won’t have to worry about storage capacity. You can bring your laptop, presentation materials for business meetings, picnic baskets, or beach gear for a day out. There’s enough space available to fit everything perfectly to ensure your trip will be smooth sailing.

Book NTL Transport to Enhance The Journey Through Shared Experiences

As mentioned earlier, one of the greatest things about travelling on NTL Transport’s Maxi Cab is the opportunity it creates for interaction among fellow travellers. You could catch up with friends, network with colleagues, or celebrate special occasions with your family members.  Overall, your trip becomes the experience itself. As you share stories, laughter, and memorable moments along the way, stronger connections are forged and you create memories. 

Also, with the relaxed and comfortable atmosphere of a maxi cab, passengers can let their hair down and enjoy each other’s company without the usual distractions that come with different transport systems. Every minute spent inside a Maxi Cab gives you a chance to reminisce, talk about common interests, or look out at the scenery.

Shared excitement surrounding an upcoming destination adds an extra layer of anticipation and enjoyment to any trip. Travelling in NTL Transport’s 13 seater Maxi Cab is more than just getting from point A to B—it’s about the journey, making connections, and creating lasting memories with those who matter most. When planning an event or outing in Singapore next time, think about how blissful it would be for you while riding in a maxi cab where even transit becomes fun for all involved parties.

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