Singapore is a city that boasts of efficient transport systems and busy airports and therefore, travelling to Singapore for an airport transfer does not have to be a complex process given the right planning. 

There are different ways to get to your location from Changi Airport but you can get there through an airport limo sharing service or a private airport limo. All of them have their benefits and drawbacks to offer an informed decision which will suit the purpose of travelling.

Shared Airport Transfer Service 


1. Affordable: Shared airport limos are much cheaper than their private counterparts. Substantial savings can be made when travelling alone or with a small group.

2. Environmental Friendly: When people share rides instead of having separate cars on the road, this reduces emissions and thus lowers carbon footprint.

3. Socialisation Opportunities: Travellers get together and discuss various issues about Singapore during shared trips.


1. It Takes Longer to Arrive: Sometimes, it takes longer for shared limos to reach their destinations because they have several stops where other passengers have to alight.

2. No Privacy: If you treasure your privacy and prefer silence in a taxi, sharing the vehicle with strangers may not be ideal.

3. Set Schedules: These usually follow fixed schedules, and some do not always match flight timings.

Private Airport Limousine Service in Singapore 


1. Customised Services: Door-to-door service means that a personal limousine drops you at the exact location you want at any time you choose, leaving once you are ready without considering others who may want to join (anonymity).

2. Comfortable And Private Environment: Have a quiet journey to either relax or finish up office work while driving alone in a Singapore limousine.

3. Faster Travelling: With no stopovers along the way, a private limo reaches your destination quicker. You can request airport pickup at whatever terminal you like and go around the city like visiting the Marina Bay.


1. Expensive: Exclusive and convenient Singapore airport transfer services tend to be costly, which can play a big part in the case of a tight budget.

2. Accessibility: A limousine service in Singapore may not be available, especially during busy periods, hence the need for pre-booking.

 Factors To Look At Before Choosing An Airport Limo

1. Money

If you are on a budget, a shared limo is cheaper. However, if you wish to have more comfort and convenience for a higher price, it is better to get a private car, especially for Changi airport transfer. Make sure you enquire about how much you are charged hourly or how much a fixed price costs for the entire ride.

2. Travel Companions

Are you travelling with your family or group? Private limousine transport is more convenient for this scenario. Sharing rides becomes economical yet pleasurable when one travels alone or with one’s partner.

3. Baggage

How much luggage do you have? While it could be hard for shared ones as they might not have enough room in the boot, private cars suit such cases due to increased capacity and easy handling of the bags. This is an important thing to consider when you travel from Changi Airport to your hotel.

4. Time Consciousness

A direct route is good for someone with a busy schedule or who arrives late at night. Hence, they should choose a personal chauffeur service, whereas numerous stopovers in a shared one can make that kind of travel inconvenient during such times.

5. Taste And Preferences

Personal tastes and preferences determine the choices made by individuals during these situations. Some would rather save some money and meet new friends, while others would prefer to experience class in luxury transportation.

Choosing between a shared and private limousine service in Singapore is based on different factors like budget, travel companionship, luggage, time sensitivity, and personal preferences. Both options have their pros and cons. These considerations will help you choose the best mode of transportation that suits your journey, ensuring a smooth start to your adventure in Singapore.

Shared limos are perfect for those who are budget-conscious and prefer social interaction. Conversely, if you desire comfort, privacy, and speed, private limos are better options at an extra cost. Based on your situation as well as your tastes, you can make the right decision for a convenient trip from Singapore Changi Airport to your destination in Singapore.

NTL Transport: Your Reliable Airport Limo Service in Singapore

When it comes to airport transfers within Singapore, NTL Transport is among the leading companies that meet travellers’ expectations for comfort, reliability, and great service. Operating 24/7 through 365 days of the year, NTL Transport guarantees a luxurious ride all year round, regardless of whether one arrives or departs.

NTL Transport’s dedication to superior quality is seen in its operations. It guarantees you will enjoy yourself on the road with its experienced chauffeurs. The joy and pleasure of driving with them ensure that all their chauffeurs are competent drivers and love their work.

The NTL Transport Experience

When you make your reservation with NTL Transport, anticipate a smooth and easy process. Their easily navigable website enables you to book your car beforehand so that everything is ready during your landing or takeoff. Visitors can use online chat services at any time and book cars in advance, ensuring everything is available upon arrival or departure.

During the journey, an experienced driver will greet you, assist with the bags, and remain available to serve you at any time. Whether going to a hotel, a business function, or some place of interest, you can merely relax and be chauffeured with full confidence in the efficiency of the drivers.

Choosing NTL Transport for your airport limo service in Singapore means opting for reliability, luxury, and exceptional service. With a commitment to being at your disposal 24/7/365, a diverse fleet of premium vehicles, and a team of passionate and experienced chauffeurs, NTL Transport ensures that your travel experience is nothing short of exceptional.

If you require poise and gracefulness, elegance and class in S-Class, roominess in Hiace, or the poshness of Vellfire, all these are available at NTL transport. For an unforgettable journey around Singapore, let NTL transport be your choice for the comfort and hospitality you need.

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