Singapore, a dynamic and buzzing city, is famous for its skyline— an expression of urban planning. The skyline of this town reveals how fast it is growing and how visionary its planning is. 

A private tour of Singapore’s symbolic buildings would be the best chance for architecture lovers and foreigners interested in different cultures to explore these historic sites. NTL Transport’s city tour and sightseeing will give you access to all these beautiful edifices that define the city’s vibrancy.

The Allure of Singapore’s Architecture

Singaporean architecture combines futuristic skyscrapers, ancient colonial buildings, and innovative green zones. This mix mirrors the place’s cultural richness and forward-thought disposition. From Marina Bay Sands, a symbol of progress, to the vertical gardens at Supertree Grove, each structure tells a story about how Singapore transformed from a mere fishing village into one of the world’s leading financial hubs.

Why Choose a Private City Tour?

Personalised Experience

A tailored itinerary is one major advantage of going on a personal day tour or night tour around cities or towns instead of a joint tour. A private guide would know what you are interested in seeing in terms of restoration architecture or environmental design, unlike any typical group tour can provide. 

For example, if you find sustainable architecture fascinating or are interested in old colonial structures or modern designs, your trip planner will make sure that you visit those places that really matter to you.

Expert Guides

Private Singapore tours have knowledgeable guides who are passionate about Singapore’s architectural heritage scene. They also expose you to more detailed information about each construction design, including its history and cultural value, thus giving a more fulfilling experience than other types. 

Expert guides have deep knowledge about each building they take guests like you around, thus allowing you to understand the finer details that distinguish Singaporean architecture from the rest.

Flexibility and Comfort

In a private tour, you are the commander of the entire operation, and you are at leisure to move in whichever direction you fancy at your own pace. There is no need to run from one place to another. You can slow down and take your time to experience the finer details or have an excellent photo shoot.

Must-See Architectural Marvels During Private Tours in Singapore

Marina Bay Sands

There can be no complete exploration of Singaporean architecture without visiting Marina Bay Sands. The building is known for its unique rooftop shaped like a boat, which is widely believed to be a symbol of modern Singapore. 

Apart from being a structural masterpiece, this building features SkyPark, which gives stunning views of the city.

Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay, located right next to Marina Bay Sands, are futuristic parklands, including breathtaking Supertree Grove. These gardens are impressive visually and represent this country’s commitment to sustainable living. 

In addition, Cloud Forest and Flower Dome conservatories display ingenious architectural techniques, blending nature with construction work.

The Fullerton Hotel

For those who would like to touch on Singapore’s colonial times, there is no way one can miss Fullerton Hotel. This huge neoclassical edifice is a luxury hotel today, restored from the General Post Office. 

The grand structure and graceful-looking interior of the Fullerton Hotel stand out sharply compared to the contemporary skyscrapers found across Singapore. Its majestic façade contrasts deeply with the contemporary skyscrapers that characterise this city.

Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay

Also known as “The Durian” because it looks like that tropical fruit, Esplanade is best described as an all-in-one facility for stage performances. Durian fruits inspired its design, so it is practical and attractive at once. It shows how committed the Singaporean state is to the cultural sector.

Raffles Hotel

Raffles Hotel, yet another colonial piece, exudes a time-honoured grace. This historical hostel, renowned for its Singapore Sling beverage, has been visited by various personalities and world leaders throughout the years. Its well-maintained structures and lush gardens create a tranquil haven away from the hullabaloo within the city.

Booking Your Private City Tour in Singapore

NTL Transport makes booking a Singapore private city tour easy. You can explore Singapore with our tour guide meant to showcase diverse structures in Singapore. You could go for a half-day trip that emphasises modern marvels or opt for a full-day exploration that includes historic sites.

Discovering Singapore via a personal car tour is an enriching experience that provides an exclusive view of the city’s architectural development. NTL Transport promises an unforgettable journey through the heart of some of Singapore’s architectural wonders with personalised itineraries, expert guides, and the flexibility to explore at your own pace. Whether you are new to the country or an experienced traveller, this trip will introduce you to the stories behind Singapore’s greatest buildings and the beauty expressed through them.

Discover Singapore with NTL Transport: A Joyful and Comfortable City Tour

We take pride in our exceptional city tour of Singapore across vast, beautiful landscapes with vibrant cultures. This motivates us to offer ultimate comfort while we drive around your desired destinations. 

Our chauffeurs are the backbone of our private customised tour services. They don’t offer only transport but act as personal guides since they know all the streets, landmarks, and hidden spots in Singapore. Their presence will certainly make your trips impressive.

Luxurious Comfort

Our devotion to perfection means that we constantly try to exceed your expectations. Whether it is enlightening you about Singapore’s past and diversities or accommodating other individual requests, we are committed to making your journey a memorable one.

Our luxurious limousines ensure that you travel in style and comfort. Our fleet’s maintenance process is thorough enough to guarantee safety during the entire trip. The onboard facilities are meant to enhance your relaxation as you enjoy the views without any strain.

Enjoy Private Car Tours in Singapore

We acknowledge that all travellers have different requirements. This is why we offer flexible options like hourly booking and disposal. Whether you desire a city tour, an airport transfer, or a trip to Malaysia, our services are appropriate at any time of the day or night.  

When you try our City & Sightseeing Tour by NTL Transport, we promise you that you will have an enjoyable experience. If you would like to explore Singapore’s cultural landmarks as well as architectural marvels in the most luxurious manner possible, we are your best option.

We can help you see the finest of this remarkable city by booking your trip today.

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