13 seater maxi cab

While travelling with loved ones is fantastic, planning everything ahead of time can be challenging. A 13 seater Maxi Cab makes it simple and comfortable to enjoy a wonderful time in Singapore with your company. This blog will explain why, for a stress-free group excursion, renting a 13 seater Maxi Cab in Singapore is the best option.

1. Plenty of Space for Everyone

The spacious interior of a 13 seater minibus is its finest feature. Everyone receives a comfortable seat, whether they are coworkers, friends, or relatives. For airport transfers, you don’t have to worry about having lots of luggage or bringing bulky items inside the transport service. There’s no need to squeeze into tiny cars—a Maxi Cab is like a large, comfortable vehicle that enhances the entire journey.

2. Saves Money

Big cars don’t always mean big expenses. A Maxicab Singapore can be cheaper than getting a bunch of smaller rides. When everyone chips in, it becomes a pocket-friendly way to travel and makes sorting out money stuff way easier.

3. Easy to Plan with Everyone

Trying to get everyone to the same place can be a bit of a headache. But with a 13 seater Maxi Cab, everyone travels together. No need for a convoy of cars struggling through traffic. It makes planning things way simpler and ensures everyone reaches the destination together.

4. Drivers Who Know What They’re Doing

In Singapore, Maxi Cab drivers are like local experts. They know all the roads and the best ways to avoid traffic. This local know-how is pretty handy when you’re with a group, helping you get around the city without any fuss.

5. Good for Different Occasions

A 13 seater Maxi Cab Singapore is perfect for any kind of event, including corporate meetings, family get-togethers, and informal get-togethers. With its roomy interior and comfortable seats, it’s a great choice for both short trips and extended excursions throughout the city.

6. Booking Made Simple

In Singapore, obtaining a 13 seater Maxi Cab is quite simple. Reputable firms offer apps or websites that let you arrange a ride in a matter of clicks. By organising your transportation in advance, you can avoid last-minute worry and enjoy peace of mind.

7. Room for Your Things

In a group setting, you typically have a lot of belongings to tote. A 13 seater minibus is great since it can accommodate everyone and yet have room for your belongings. This comes in particularly useful when transporting items for a group outing or travelling to and from the airport. 

8. Drivers Who Know the Roads

The drivers of the 13 seater minibus usually know the city well. They understand traffic avoidance and the best routes. This local knowledge is especially helpful if you’re travelling in a group and want to move around the city easily. You may be confident that you’ll get to your destination safely if your driver is familiar with the route.

9. Safety First

Being safe is crucial, particularly when you’re among other people. The 13 seater Maxi Cabs adhere to stringent safety regulations, which include observing traffic laws and performing routine maintenance. That’s why people prefer this to a taxi or other rides with hourly booking. In a larger car, especially late at night or when travelling with family, it’s nice to feel more protected.

10. Good for the Environment

Choosing a 13 seater Maxi Cab for your group can also be good for the environment. Instead of lots of small cars, having everyone in one big vehicle reduces the overall impact on the environment. Many Maxi Cab services in Singapore are going green, making it a responsible choice for those who care about our planet.

Easy Group Travel: Picking a 13 Seater Maxi Cab in Singapore

So, if you’re thinking about a group trip in Singapore, a 9 seater, 7 seater or 13 seater transportation service is the way to go. It’s not just a big ride; it’s a smart and easy choice that makes your group journey super chill. Next time you plan something with your crew, think about the cool and comfy vibe a Maxi Cab can bring to your adventure. Group travel has never been so stress-free and awesome!

Choosing a 13 seater Maxi Cab for your group travel in Singapore is about simplifying the entire experience, not just about comfort. It improves travel convenience with features like simple booking and ample room for your belongings. The next time you organise a group excursion in Singapore, consider the convenience and luxury that a premium Maxi Cab can offer your journey.

NTL Transport’s Great Group Travel Service

Do you need a dependable ride for a vacation you’re organising with 13 passengers? That’s why NTL Transport is available to you 365 days a year, round the clock. We have the ideal vehicle for your group, whether you’re looking for a spacious Toyota Vellfire, a roomy Toyota Hiace, or the elegant feel of a Mercedes S-Class or E-Class. 

Things can happen at any time, and plans might change.  That’s why our Group Travel Service is always ready, every single day. NTL Transport is there for you whenever you need a comfy and dependable ride for your group.

Impressive Fleets

To suit your demands, we provide a variety of cars. For larger groups, the roomy Toyota Hiace might be the best option; for smaller ones, the cosy Toyota Vellfire would be a better fit. You ought to perhaps take a peek at our Mercedes S-Class or E-Class if you appreciate luxury. Our goal is to ensure that your group travels in comfort and luxury.

Your comfort and safety are very important to us at NTL Transport. Our skilled drivers genuinely care about providing you with a comfortable and enjoyable ride. They are experts who love what they do; they are not just drivers. They go above and above to fulfil your demands and strive hard to make sure you’re delighted.

We truly like what we do and give excellent service. Our first goal is to keep you satisfied, so we go above and beyond to accomplish so. Our staff puts in a lot of effort to ensure that your trip is wonderful, comfortable, and stress-free from the moment you make your reservation with us until you arrive at your getaway.

Choosing NTL Transport’s group travel service means you get more than just a ride – you get a reliable partner who wants to make sure your group has an awesome and worry-free trip. Book with us today for your group travels or Singapore hotel transfers or taxi Singapore service to Changi airport.

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